Ways : a revolution for the wood industry

Understand the wAys revolution

Why wAys ?

A world premiere

A disruptive drying solution for the wood market ...and the planet

An outstanding quality of wood

Our technology provides a stronger and more stable wood

Substantial savings

Drying time and material losses are drastically reduced 

A long-term CO2 storage

Our innovation enables the sustainable storage of CO2  in wood

Drying under CO2 atmosphere :
a major innovation for the industry

wAys revolutionizes the way wood is dried with a chemical approach that completely overcomes the performance of current systems.

Under a hot CO2 atmosphere and following a precise drying protocol, the CO2 interacts not only with the bound water present in the wood but also with the different polymers that make it up. The CO2 is thus permanently “trapped” in the wood.

The process can be applied to all types of wood.

The main benefits


Thanks to our technology, the wood can be dried up to 0% humidity. The need for treatment is significantly reduced. 


Our process avoids shrinking and deformation phenomena.

The wood dried using this process is of unrivaled quality. 

Time savings

Drying takes place in less than 72 hours compared to the usual two weeks. It avoids unnecessary storage or costly shortages.

CO2 sequestration

Our process enables us to recover CO2 while making a significant and lasting contribution to emission reduction objectives.

Our innovations in conventional drying

wAys also innovates in conventional drying with solutions perfectly adapted to your needs and opens the possibility to optimize your investment through drying unit solutions in rental form.

Containers Industriels Bois (CIB)

Main benefits


Suitable for all kind of wood and providing optimal drying quality


Simple to install and operate. No administrative procedures are required


A cost-effective solution to accurately assess drying needs.

Our partners

Meet our team

Yann Raoult

CEO AND R&D manager

Sébastien Hamon


Guillaume Carmassi


Our operational team