Innovative drying solutions perfectly adapted to your needs

Drying principles


The cell is the room that stores the wood during the drying cycle. Its size evolves according to the monthly volume of dried wood.  The dimensions of these cells are made to measure and depend on the nature of the dried wood.


We heat both the wood and the ambient air to allow the wood to be dried. However, the temperature and humidity parameters must be controlled to achieve optimal drying. The free water as well as the water bound to the wood is evaporated. 


The dryer regulation is used to control and optimize the drying cycle. Our solutions allow to control the production cycle and to access information in real time, up to data recording (especially used for ISPM15 processing).

A range of tailored offers

Ways designs, manufactures and installs dehumidification lumber dryers using the best of technology to minimize your costs and your ecological footprint while offering an extremely efficient cost of use. 

wAys puts its know-how at your service and constantly innovates in all drying modes. The understanding of our customers’ needs has led us to create 3 offers that combine efficiency and ecological optimization. 

Customized dryers

wAys considers that each client and each project is unique. Our agility and experience allow us to respond quickly to the daily constraints you face. Our design office conceives dryers totally adapted to your needs and to your environment. 

These dryers are manufactured in our workshop in Rodez.

They are adapted from monthly drying volumes of 5 m3 to 200 m3 They allow to dry most of the species on the market and to reach very low humidity levels (up to 5%).

Conteneur Industriel Bois (CIB)

In order to meet all drying needs, wAys offers mobile dryers for rent. This innovative formula allows companies with small drying needs to equip themselves with a simple, efficient and low-cost solution. Our CIB WAYS dryers can easily integrate a versatile and flexible “wood drying” function for all.

The rental period can be extended from 3 to 12 months and the purchase option is possible.

Industrial Container Wood Phytosanitary Treatment (CIBTP)

In order to meet the needs of phytosanitary treatment of pallets (more commonly called ISPM15 treatment), wAys offers you to treat your pallets with our CIBTP WAYS. The loading is done frontally (large side). 

This innovative formula allows companies with a processing need to meet their expectations. 

Two models are available: the CIBTP 20 feet and the CIBTP 40 feet.