wAys : a technological breakthrough for the wood market...and the planet

A unique and patented technology now at your service

The technology that wAys is providing today is disruptive in the lumber drying market. It is through a chemical approach that we improve the quality of wood drying.

We are revolutionizing the wood industry by proposing drying by substitution and not by water evaporation. In addition to guaranteeing the stability of the material, we store CO2 in the dried wood on a long-term basis.

By harnessing this new technology, wAys is providing a major contribution to extending the use of wood and reducing CO2 emissions.

Unique technology

Under hot CO2 atmosphere, CO2 molecules react with the H bonds contracted by the water molecules linked with the -OH group of the three wood polymers: cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignite.

The CO2 molecules replace the H20 molecules in contact with the hydroxyl groups of the polymers and contribute to maintain the spacing of the fibres.

The CO2 molecules are then permanently sequestered in the dried wood.

Unmatched quality

This technology allows wood to be dried up to 0% moisture content, resulting in a wood with a greatly improved durability.

The wood deforms less and requires less treatment, which makes it suitable for the most demanding applications.

This type of drying makes it possible to treat any type of wood.

Powerful lever for growth

The drying time is reduced to a few hours compared to several days with conventional processes, which avoids load breaks and loss of turnover.

The quality of the wood produced paves the way for new and increasingly demanding markets, a competitive advantage and increased value.

A significant contribution to the environment

The wAys technology allows to significantly reduce CO2 emissions that are currently lost in nature.For example, the reduction potential is up to 50% for a methanizer.

Easy to implement

Notre savoir-faire technologique et notre maîtrise du process vous garantit une mise en œuvre et une exploitation facilitée.

Nous apportons également notre expérience de l’organisation de projets, comprenant la recherche de la source de CO2 ainsi que la coordination avec l’exploitant de bois.

Our technological know-how and our control of the process ensure an easy implementation and operation.

We also bring our experience in the organization of the project, including the search for the source of CO2 and the coordination with the wood operator.